Applicant Privacy Notice

Last updated: August 31, 2023

To view privacy notice to California applicants and employees, click here.

Applicant Privacy Notice

This Applicant Privacy Notice (“Notice”) sets forth the practices of Safehold, Inc. (“Safehold,” “we,” or “us”) regarding our applicable collection, use, storage, transfer and other processing of individually identifiable information (“Applicant Personal Data”) collected from or about job applicants (“Applicant” or “you”) that submit Applicant Personal Data to Safehold, or that submit Applicant Personal Data to a contractor retained by Safehold, for purposes of pursuing employment with us. For purposes of this Notice, Applicants include those individuals who seek or are offered employment with Safehold and those individuals who commence employment with Safehold, as some Applicant Personal Data is only requested post-offer and/or upon hire in accordance with applicable law.


When applying for employment, or in the course of your employment at Safehold, we or our service providers or contractors may process and store Applicant Personal Data about you and your dependents, beneficiaries, and other individuals whose Personal Data has been provided to us. Safehold collects Applicant Personal Data that is permissible to collect under applicable law. We use the term Applicant Personal Data (also called “personal information” or “personally identifiable information” in the laws of some jurisdictions) to refer to information that reasonably identifies, relates to, describes, or can be associated with you. Data that has been de–identified, anonymized, or aggregated, or that otherwise cannot reasonably be related back to a specific person is not considered Applicant Personal Data. Although the definition of Applicant Personal Data may vary depending on your jurisdiction, we take the same approach to protecting your privacy.

The types of Applicant Personal Data that Safehold collects includes, but is not limited to: your personal and employment information, including your name, gender, home address, telephone number(s), email address(es), date of birth, veteran status, race and ethnicity, nationality, citizenship information (including work eligibility status and entitlement to residency), physical and/or mental health information, employment history, résumé, curricula vitae, information collected during the interview process, past and current employer names, I-9 documentation, current and prior job titles and/or positions, current and prior description of job responsibilities, employment dates, educational background and professional licenses and certifications.


Most of the Applicant Personal Information Safehold obtains will come directly from You, such as from documents You provide to us related to Your application for employment. Other information will come directly and indirectly from activity on our external and internal websites, such as submissions through our websites or website usage details collected automatically; and from third parties that provide services to us or otherwise interact with us in connection with Your application for employment.


The purposes for which Safehold may collect, use and/or disclose Applicant Personal Data includes, but is not limited to: our operations; our administration; complying with applicable laws; hiring, recruiting and skills/qualifications assessment; human capital management; authenticating, verifying, supporting and updating application data; communications with Applicants; and offers and acceptances of employment and improving Safehold’s employment application and recruitment processes. 

We may share Applicant Personal Data (except where expressly restricted by applicable law) with certain parties, including governmental authorities, professional advisors, background check/screening service providers, security and human resources support service providers, benefits service providers, auditors, lawyers, and other outside professional advisors in accordance with applicable law.  We will also share Applicant Personal Data with Comeet, who provides us with this platform. Comeet’s privacy policy is available here.  Safehold does not and will not sell any Applicant Personal Data to any third parties.

Safehold may be required to disclose Applicant Personal Data pursuant to applicable law or pursuant to an order of a court of competent jurisdiction or governmental authority having jurisdiction over Safehold, including in Safehold’s judgment to comply with applicable legal or regulatory obligations and regulatory inquiries or requests.

Any Applicants submitting Applicant Personal Data are solely responsible for all such Applicant Personal Data being complete and accurate, truthful, honest and with no misrepresentations or misleading information. Safehold reserves the right not to hire, to rescind an offer and/or to terminate an employee based upon any Applicant Personal Data or other information contained in any job application or other application material that is determined, in Safehold’s sole discretion, to be dishonest, inaccurate and/or untrue, or that contains any misrepresentations or misleading information.  Your use of Safehold’s services is also governed by any applicable terms of service and other applicable privacy policies in place from time to time.


Safehold securely maintains records and access to records pertaining to Applicant Personal Data in compliance with applicable law, where access is limited to Safehold’s personnel, professionals and/or service providers who need such access for the purposes listed in this Notice.  Where permitted by applicable law, (i) if an Applicant has been referred for a job at Safehold by a current Safehold employee, we may inform that employee about the progress of an application and let the Safehold employee know the outcome of the process and, (ii) in some cases, if it is identified that an Applicant may have attended the same university/school and/or shared the same previous employer during the same period as a current Safehold employee, we may consult with that employee for feedback on an Applicant.

Furthermore, Safehold endeavors to maintain appropriate security measures, controls and protocols to protect against such things as unauthorized access to Applicant Personal Data and/or against misappropriation, theft, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or destruction of Applicant Personal Data.  The processing of Applicant Personal Data is carried out in compliance with applicable law.  If Applicants become employees of Safehold, then the Personal Data of Applicants collected during the application and recruitment process shall be retained as part of the applicable employee personnel file.  Otherwise, Safehold will maintain Applicant Personal Data for as long as it is required by applicable law(s) or used for the purpose(s) set forth in this Notice, whichever is longer. Safehold may retain some or all Applicant Personal Data for various reasons, including in case we face a pending or threatened legal challenge in respect of a recruitment decision, to consider you for other current or future jobs at Safehold and to help us better understand, analyze and improve our recruitment processes.

In certain jurisdictions, you may have certain rights under applicable data protection laws. This may include the right to request access or to update or review your information, request that it be deleted or anonymized, or object to or restrict Safehold using it for certain purposes. Residents of California should refer to the Privacy Notice to California Applicants and Employees, appended to this Notice.


If you have any questions about this Notice or any requests regarding your information, please contact +1 866 930 9400. We will respond to any questions or requests in accordance with applicable law, and there may be circumstances where we are not able to comply in part or in full with your request.

Safehold reserves the right to update this Notice from time to time in its discretion.  Safehold will post any substantive changes to this Notice on this page.

Effective: 9/1/2023