New breed of ground leases create value for building owners

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Tim Doherty, Safehold’s Head of Investments, recently spoke with Commercial Observer’s Partner Insights team about how Safehold has transformed the ground lease into a value-creating tool for building owners and what it means to be the creator and leader of an emerging market sector. Historically, the term “ground lease” was a dirty word in real […]

How modernized ground leases fixed archaic structures of the past

Safehold’s Chief Legal Officer, Doug Heitner, explains the contractual innovations behind the modern ground lease revolution [Article updated December 7, 2020] Doug Heitner, Chief Legal Officer of Safehold and iStar, is well-versed in the difference between old-fashioned, restrictive ground leases and the modern, customer-friendly version Safehold introduced to the market. In this Q&A, Heitner explains […]

Reinvented ground lease industry is revolutionizing real estate ownership

Chairman & CEO Jay Sugarman on how Safehold unlocks hidden value for property owners by delivering a more efficient, customer-focused ground lease solution Throughout much of the history of commercial real estate, buying a property automatically meant buying both the building and the land underneath it. But common practice isn’t always best practice. Safehold, a […]

How Safehold reinvented the ground lease to add value for building owners

A Q&A with Safehold Chairman & CEO Jay Sugarman reveals how their new take on ground leases is delivering higher returns for property owners Jay Sugarman had spent more than 20 years using sale-leasebacks to provide more efficient capital to corporations when he realized he could do the same for commercial real estate owners. Here, […]