Stigma becomes opportunity: Safehold changing ground lease perception

In a Q&A with The Ground Up, President & Chief Investment Officer Marcos Alvarado discusses Safehold’s investment strategy and overcoming barriers inherent in redefining an industry Since January 2018, Marcos Alvarado has served as President and Chief Investment Officer of Safehold and its founder, manager and largest shareholder, iStar. At that time, Safehold had just […]

How modernized ground leases fixed archaic structures of the past

Safehold’s Chief Legal Officer, Doug Heitner, explains the contractual innovations behind the modern ground lease revolution [Article updated December 7, 2020] Doug Heitner, Chief Legal Officer of Safehold and iStar, is well-versed in the difference between old-fashioned, restrictive ground leases and the modern, customer-friendly version Safehold introduced to the market. In this Q&A, Heitner explains […]

Reinvented ground lease industry is revolutionizing real estate ownership

Chairman & CEO Jay Sugarman on how Safehold unlocks hidden value for property owners by delivering a more efficient, customer-focused ground lease solution Throughout much of the history of commercial real estate, buying a property automatically meant buying both the building and the land underneath it. But common practice isn’t always best practice. Safehold, a […]

How Safehold reinvented the ground lease to add value for building owners

A Q&A with Safehold Chairman & CEO Jay Sugarman reveals how their new take on ground leases is delivering higher returns for property owners Jay Sugarman had spent more than 20 years using sale-leasebacks to provide more efficient capital to corporations when he realized he could do the same for commercial real estate owners. Here, […]