Safehold offers building owners a profitable alternative to traditional financing

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Safehold invented the modern ground lease in 2017, creating a customer-friendly structure that unlocks previously hidden value for building owners. Commercial Observer spoke to Steve Wylder, Safehold’s Executive Vice President of Investments in Los Angeles, to get an update on how the Safehold ground lease can create value in a high-rate environment, and to see […]

Safehold unlocking value with new generation of ground leases

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Over the past few decades, real estate finance and investment markets have become much more efficient – except in one big area. In an investment world that demands efficient use of capital, why are building owners that are targeting a return of 15 percent or more using their capital to own the underlying land, which […]

Transparency, liquidity driving modern ground lease adoption

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The inflexible ground lease of old has been rendered obsolete by Safehold, just over four years after the company effectively created a new industry by creating a modern, client-friendly structure. Commercial Observer’s Partner Insights spoke with Doug Heitner, Safehold’s Chief Legal Officer, about how ground leases and the industry’s response to them have evolved over […]

Customer focus core to Safehold’s ground lease innovation

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Four years after modernizing the ground lease, Safehold is seeing increasing evidence of its capital solution unlocking hidden value for building owners across a portfolio approaching $4 billion. Commercial Observer spoke to Marcos Alvarado, Safehold’s President and Chief Investment Officer, to learn more about how the company is pursuing its mission to transform a $7 […]

Modern ground lease adoption increasing as perception evolves

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Safehold was founded in 2017 for the purpose of reinventing the ground lease to make it value-enhancing for building owners. Since creating the modern ground lease, the company has grown its portfolio to nearly $4 billion in more than 30 major markets in the U.S. Safehold Chairman and CEO Jay Sugarman recently spoke to Commercial […]

Modern ground leases amidst COVID-19 crisis and recovery

Safehold and iStar Chairman & CEO Jay Sugarman discusses the role ground leases can play in the wake of a worldwide pandemic Safehold and iStar Chairman & CEO Jay Sugarman recently participated in a virtual CEO roundtable focused on ‘Leadership in Real Estate During Crisis and Recovery’ as part of the KBW 2020 Real EstateFinance […]

The next big thing: The ground lease, reinvented

Not long ago, it was impossible to have a conversation related to ground leases without invariably hearing a horror story about a ground lease gone wrong. Traditional ground leases have long been stigmatized as the real estate industry’s ugly stepchild, a direct result of the value-destroying elements commonly found in archaic ground lease structures. Look […]

Stigma becomes opportunity: Safehold changing ground lease perception

In a Q&A with The Ground Up, President & Chief Investment Officer Marcos Alvarado discusses Safehold’s investment strategy and overcoming barriers inherent in redefining an industry Since January 2018, Marcos Alvarado has served as President and Chief Investment Officer of Safehold and its founder, manager and largest shareholder, iStar. At that time, Safehold had just […]